Friday, May 23, 2014

Growing Older

Who: My Nanny
When: Summer or Fall 1987
Where: Great Falls, VA

My grandmother, "Nanny", had stage 4 cancer.  On one of my visits somehow the subject came up of how people, women in particular, deny their age.  I so clearly remember the conversation, words I committed to memory.

She said, "Every day is a gift.  Every year is something to be proud of.  Every wrinkle has a story, and every scar is proof that you won a battle.  I've lived a good life, a happy life.  I am thankful for every scar and every wrinkle, and every day I get."

Nanny died January 20, 1988.  There are so many days I wish she was still with me.  But she taught me so very much in the short time I had with her.  I, too, am grateful for every day she had, especially the ones she spent with me.  

Monday, January 18, 2010

Martin Luther King, Jr - a 3 year old's version

Who: Devon
When: Today, January 18, 2010 - Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Where: Red, Hot and Blue - Leesburg, VA

I suspectin the future, MLK day will evolve into something more - something that has a ritual that all American families do - perhaps a "Day of Service" where families volunteer together, maybe something led or sponsored by minority groups.  I HOPE something will be developed to help ALL of us remember what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. knew - the Golden Rule.

The Golden Rule was established long, long before MLK was born... It is biblical, and simply states that we should treat people the way WE WANT to be treated. 

"Do Unto Others As You'd Have Done Unto You".

Although there is a racial context to the movement that Dr. King led, essentially, that was his message to us all.  Daily, I see the world changing, I see MLKs dream being realized, piece by piece, and I am proud to be part of that.

Today school is out.  I wanted to think of something meaningful to do with my kids, but I just came up empty.  So, I took my antsy 6 year old Rachael and 3 year old Devon to Sports Bounce so they could jump their little legs off.  Then, we went to Red Hot and Blue in Leesburg for lunch, because I've been craving a good salad.  I took this time to talk to them (or try to) about MLK, trying to follow the rule of keeping it simple. 

My Rachael is a smart one, and she seemed to get it.  But, I didn't think my Devon was listening at all. THEN, our waitress came up to our table and he announced " Martin Luder Kit had a dream that my best friend, Zavion, can go to my school".... apparently he (sort of) got it....

He's 3, so I was happy with that.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Who: Devon
When: January 2010
Where: Our home, Leesburg, VA

Story, as posted on Facebook, January 9, 2010:

Vicky Chrisner: In my kitchen...(BANG!)... I call police... ME: I heard a gunshot in the community behind my home.   Cop: Can you describe it?   Me: Bang.   Cop: What made you think it was a gun? Me: Sounded like one.   Cop: We'll check it out.   Me: OK, I am putting kids to bed, please don't knock on my door.   Cop: OK. Ten minutes later....

(DINGDONG) Me: Wow, you guys don't follow directions too good.   Cop: Oh?    Me: I asked that you not knock on my door.    Cop: Oh. Ummm... Can you describe the noise?   Me: Bang.   Cop: Can you be more specific?    Me: No.     (BANG)     Cop: THAT noise? (looking shocked)    Me: Yeah, think it was a gun?    Cop: Yeah, maybe.     Me: What makes you think it is a gunshot?
After hearing it with my head outside, I became convinced it was a BB gun. 
The cop, however, not so sure
Anyway, after asking me if he should hide, 3 y.o. Devon insisted that we call Big Brother Joe,
"Joey will save us.  He will get a big gun and shoot the bad guys."
Too sweet.  Devon continued until we called Joey and Joe assured him everything was fine. It made Joey's day. What a great feeling to be a big brother.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Shouting to Jesus

Who: Devon, age 3
When: Tonight, December 18th, 2009
Where: Leaving Preschool, Leesburg, VA

Why?  That is really the question, isn't it?

Walking out to the car tonight Devon was screaming to the sky....something about the impending snow storm we're currently referring to as "Snowpacolypse 09".  

Me: Devon, why are you yelling?
Devon: I am yelling to Jesus?
Me: You don't need to scream, he's in your heart.
Devon: Yeah, I know and I want him to get out of there.
Me: ??  Why?
Devon: Because I wanna do some bad stuff.

I am not really sure what you say to that, so I got in the car and drove home silently.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

How Long Does It Take God To Put Up A Tree?

Who: Rachael (6)
When: December 2009
Where: Our Living Room

We were putting up the Christmas Tree tonight.  It was taking a long time (it's artificial, so we have to fully assemble each branch each year). Rachael was helping me.

Rach: This takes a long time.
Me:  Yeah.  (Pause)  Hey, how long do you think it takes God to put up a tree?
Rach:  What size?
Me:  The same size this one will be.
Rach:  Hmm... Probably about 10 minutes.
Me: Ten Minutes?
Rach:  Yeah, well, nobody's bothering him.

Send God an Email

Who: Devon
When: Dec 2009, age 3
Where: Driving, Somewhere

The other day in the car Devon told me a problem he was having (don't remember what it was, he's 3, it's not a big deal, whatever it was).  I told him to pray about it.  He said he didn't know how and asked me if I could just send God an email.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Theres an Astronaut on the Moon

Who: Rachael (6) & Devon (3)
When: November 2009
Where: On the way to rehearsal for the church musical

While driving to the church the other night, the little ones got into a conversation about the moon.  Suddenly, Rachael exclaimed that she could see something on the moon.  After the anxious squeals and whines of a baby brother straining to see what she was seeing, we went around a turn in the road and Devon, too, could see the moon.

"I see it, too!" he announced excitedly.  "It's an Astronaut."

After a second look, Rachael concurred that is what she saw, as well.  After all, the space shuttle was in space - she saw the launch on the news.

I asked if she could see the space shuttle on the moon.  She said no, just one astronaut. "Hmmm.... " I wondered aloud, "You'd think you could see the shuttle - since it is SO big - before you could see the astronaut, since he is only human size."

"Oh, the space shuttle is on the dark side of the moon, mom." Rachael explained.  "They parked it there because it gets hot if it's in the sun too long.  Just like you park in the shade in the summer time."

Makes perfect sense to me.